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Gateway Of India

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Until recently Mumbai was called Bombay. It's original Portuguese name was Heptanesia, meaning a group of seven Islands, joined together.
There are many theories which propagate as to how this group of islands came to be known as MUMBAI.
The most widely accepted theory is that Mumbai is derived from Maha Amba, the patron Goddess, Kali.
Another theory is that Mumbai has been taken from Portuguese name Bombain meaning Good Bay.
A third theory is that Mumbai was named after a slimy, finger like fish called Bombelli.

The early Development of Mumbai was largely due to steam navigation, railways, spinning and weaving mills and the suez canal.
Mumbai  is the economic powerhouse of India and has been  the Capital of the state of Maharashtra since 1960.
View of Chowpatty Beach from Marine Drive Mumbai has one of the best natural harbors in the world and handles a major proportion of India's sea trade. It is  the main centre of India's Motion Picture Industry (frequently referred to as 'Bollywood' in this context).
The City has some scenic beauty and a rich historical legacy. It has extensive air, road and rail links with all major cities of  India, with most major International airlines calling here regularly.
Mumbai has a rich Maratha history, numerous Temples, Mosques and Churches and other monuments which are great landmarks. It is a fascinating city which has always welcomed its visitors, and being India's financial capital, attracts people from all over India, which is one reason for it being the world's third most populous city.

Mumbai is a city in search of modernity, but never forgetting its past. It is the city of pop music and western manners yet it is wedded to the cultural and religious traditions of the ages. It is the Hollywood of  india. Here one comes across people from all walks of life, religion, caste and creed. The weather from November to March is quite pleasant.

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