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Gateway of India

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The City is blessed by both scenic beauty as well as rich historical legacy. These two factors combine to ensure that sight seeing remains a worthwhile activity for the tourists
Mumbai has one of the best public bus systems of any major Indian city. However, its red double-decker buses are gradually being crippled by the city's unbelievable traffic congestion. There's also an extensive system of suburban electric trains, but avoid rush hours when trains are so crowded that you have to start making your way towards the door at least three stops before you want to get off.
Mumbai has a huge fleet of metered black-and-yellow taxis Taxi meters are out of date, so fares are calculated by using a conversion card. This conversion works out to be around 11.6 times the meter rate for normal taxis.
Mumbai also boasts metered three wheelers, called Auto-Rickshaws, which ply only in the suburbs. At least one ride with these daredevil drivers is a must for the adventurous traveller. Fare conversion for these is about 7 times normally and 8.5 times between midnight and five a.m.

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